At PESCO, we’ve been in the manufacturing business for 50 years. We’ve come a long way in that time; from manufacturing a piece of natural gas equipment under a shade tree, to equipment designed by a team of expert engineers, manufactured using robotics, state-of-the-art manufacturing software and some of the most talented welders in the country.

While technology is an important part of our company, nothing is more important than our people. We are proud of our diverse workforce, a majority of which are Native American, which views manufacturing as an art as much as a science. Every weld, every cut, is a representation of the craftsmen.

Our culture isn’t just about making better products, it’s about making our products better. Whether the equipment is simple or complex, our commitment to continuous improvement, in our products as well as our processes, ensures our customers receive a high-quality product, built safely and delivered on time.

At PESCO, manufacturing goes beyond oil and gas. We are proud of our close partnership with BayoTech, a technology leader in Hydrogen generation, to manufacture ground-breaking modular reactors that will allow on-site Hydrogen generation anywhere you have a source of water and natural gas. And, we are announcing our partnership with the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology to commercialize their patented water filtration technology for cleaning up produced water from oil and gas wells and bringing clean water to the Navajo Nation (in cooperation with Navajo Technical University), the U.S. and communities around the world where only undrinkable water now exists.

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Contact name: Kyle Rhodes

Phone: (505) 327-2222