What We Can Do For You

Strengthening & growing New Mexico manufacturing

New Mexico MEP is a statewide assistance center dedicated to increasing the competitiveness of our state’s small and mid sized businesses.


Our experts and industry resource network help create the change that can make the difference. We provide expertise in results-driven methodologies, best practices, and innovative technologies designed to increase your profitability.

Let’s Talk

Workshops & Trainings

Topics include: Lean Manufacturing, Value Stream Mapping, Kata, Cybersecurity, Lean Kaizen, Scaleup, Advanced Manufacturing, Automation, Problem Solving, Leadership, Custom topics, too!

4-hour Training/Workshop

8-hour Training/Workshop

16-hour Training/Workshop


Topics include: Lean Manufacturing Tools, Value Stream Mapping, Layout, Teambuilding, Leadership, Growth Services, Innovation, Technology, Kata, and any custom topics you desire!

Small Assessment – generally requires 1-2 days of effort with 1-2 staff

Medium Assessment – generally requires 3-4 days of effort with 1-2 staff

Large Assessment – generally requires 5 days of effort with 1-3 staff

Robot Room

Once we are able to open our doors again to visitors and clients in-person, new technologies demos will be available—from additive manufacturing, to optical sorting equipment, and collaborative robotics with you!

As part of NMMEP’s mission to strengthen and grow New Mexico’s manufacturing, NMMEP is introducing CoBot technology to give New Mexico manufacturers a competitive advantage through advanced automation. In partnership with Build With Robots, we offer CoBot seminars and hands-on application demos.


Running your business is a 24/7 job which doesn’t leave time for much else. You know resources are available, but you just don’t have the time to do the research. Wouldn’t it be nice if help were a phone call away? What if that phone call were to someone you already trust?


We know your time is valuable. Focusing on expanding your client base is easier when things are running smoothly. Today’s competitive environment makes extraordinary demands on your company’s resources, resilience and responsiveness. You must consistently produce better quality products faster and cheaper than your competitors to stay ahead of the pack. Our suite of productivity enhancing services designed to streamline the processes of your facilities and supply chain will help you lower your expenses and downtime while increasing productivity.

Financial resources

As a public/private partnership, we bring together government, not-for-profit and industry resources to offer the comprehensive programs and services you need. New Mexico M.E.P. works with several resource partners to provide our services for as little cost as possible. Please keep in mind that there are several options for companies to have these costs covered through other programs. Contact us today to see what opportunities are available for your business!

"What New Mexico M.E.P. challenged us to do is question: how do you make this happen more quickly, how do you make the process flow? You make the wine flow through a hose; you don’t move the tanks. You make the cider flow from beginning to end in one building. They helped us see how a minute here and a minute there adds up to a lot in a year. We’re not working any longer hours and we’re not working harder. We are getting more done. They brought experience, and are very good at getting everybody to put in their part and to feel that they’re being heard."

-Jerry Burd, Co-owner, Black Mesa Winery/Velarde