National Manufacturing Day: Table of Experts

Albuquerque Business First and New Mexico M.E.P. host a virtual roundtable to kick off National Manufacturing Month (October 1-31, 2021), and share thoughts from local experts on how New Mexico M.E.P. has served as a resource for manufacturers in our state.  Albuquerque Business First sales manager Will Martinez moderates the panel, with speakers Brian Rashap, Ph.D. (Internet of Things, Central New Mexico Community College); Robin Cantor (STAR Cryoelectronics LLC); and Jennifer Sinsabaugh (CEO, New Mexico M.E.P.).  Thank you to Albuquerque Business First, Brian, and Robin for joining Jennifer on this year’s wonderful panel.

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“New Mexico M.E.P. is honored to participate in Manufacturing Month, bringing awareness to the industry that makes our daily lives possible.  For everything we do in a day, every object we touch, it has to be manufactured.


And, it’s all made by the great people in the manufacturing industry.  If we can take this one month to celebrate all of these accomplishments that make our daily lives possible, then we’re hoping to do that. We do that through showcasing what’s being made, and working with educators and students, to understanding the importance of careers in manufacturing and making people aware of the careers that exist in manufacturing—all the way through to policymakers understanding the importance of manufacturing for the ecosystem of and economic vitality in the state of New Mexico.” -Jennifer Sinsabaugh, CEO, New Mexico M.E.P.