Collaboration Has Benefits

Rio Rancho-based Mezel Mods is an example of a company that benefits when local resource providers collaborate. In 2019, company co-owner Kristin Browning-Mezel worked with New Mexico MEP Innovation Director Scott Bryant on a project to improve company workflow, line balancing, inventory, quality, and profitability. That project increased capacity by 21% annually, shortened lead times by 7 days, and provided cost savings of $43,000.

In 2020, with Bryant’s support, Browning-Mezel was invited by Sandoval Economic Alliance (SEA) to participate in its Economic Gardening program. SEA created the program to assist Stage Two businesses with steps that lead to business growth. Mezel Mods, founded in 2014, now has five employees to keep up with increasing Internet sales that are resulting from the Economic Gardening program.

“The assistance offered by SEA is a testimony of the benefits of New Mexico’s partnerships approach,” said Bryant. “What they did for her [Browning-Mezel] will give her the tools to navigate a kind of maelstrom market. It’s just a key thing for this micro-manufacturer.”

Hear from Browning-Mezel about the results she is seeing from the Economic Gardening program.

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