Manufacturing Day 2020 at Valencia Flour Mill

The Valencia Flour Mill uses antique milling machines to turn New Mexican-grown grain into flour for modern specialty mixes such as Valencia Sopaipilla & Fry Bread Mix and Valencia Blue Corn Muffin & Pancake mixes. These modern products are marketed to restaurants through statewide distribution channels.

People who visited the facility during Mfg Day 2019 were amazed by modern engineering that enables antique machines to run smoothly and effortlessly as they transform grain into flour. A line shaft connects one 25-hp motor with belts that run all antique mill-room machines, including the 1920 grain grinder and various flour transport devices. The sound of the motor and the sight of the line shaft moving all of the belts in unison is an exciting experience. The mill is also home to a Circa 1917 flour packer and a large vertical mixer, where the freshly-ground Valencia flour is combined with three micro-ingredients to make the popular Valencia Sopaipilla “just-add-water” Mix.

See the mill in operation during Manufacturing Month 2020 without worrying about COVID-19!

Valencia Flour Mill Ltd.
74 Mill Road
Jarales, NM 87023

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