Funds for classroom and on-the-job training

JTIP funds classroom and on-the-job training for new jobs in expanding or relocating businesses for up to 6 months. The program reimburses 50-75% of employee wages. These trainees can be new employees, or those currently employed looking for higher-wage promotions. These funds are specifically set aside by the Legislature each year and can only be used for the purpose of the JTIP program. JTIP funds can be used for NM MEP workshops and training.

In July, the nine companies awarded funding for a total of 120 new trainees were:

  • 3D Glass Solutions (3DGS), Inc.
  • Apple Canyon Gourmet
  • Cummins Natural Gas Engines, Inc.
  • Green Theme Technologies (GTT), Inc.
  • High Plains Processing, LLC
  • KiloNewton, LLC
  • Parting Stone, LLC
  • Reytek Equipment, LLC
  • Systems Integration, Inc. (SSI)

In August, the fifteen companies approved by JTIP for a total of 458 new trainees were:

  • Indica Labs, Inc.
  • Twistle, Inc.
  • Build With Robots, LLC
  • Carenet Healthcare Services
  • UbiQD, Inc.
  • Ex Novo Brewing Company
  • 3D Glass Solutions, Inc.
  • Mass Market NM
  • Advanced Manufacturing Power Solutions
  • Automotive Test Solutions, Inc.
  • ATC Chemical, LLC
  • SpinLaunch, Inc.
  • New Mexico Build, LLC
  • OpenEye Scientific Software, Inc.
  • The Verdes Foundation

For more information on JTIP or to determine your company’s eligibility, visit the NMEDD site.