PESCO’s growth story

PESCO has been producing natural gas and oil production equipment in Farmington, New Mexico since 1970. In December, 2018, the manufacturer announced that it will expand its main facility by 20,000 square feet and create up to 180 new jobs. 

Over the years, the company has been steadily building a reputation for quality and service, as well as a loyal following of employees and customers. The engine behind this trajectory are the Rhodes brothers — Kyle, PESCO President, and Jim, Vice President and Chairman of the Board — who continually ask themselves a series of questions: What else can we do to make PESCO a better place to work? What else can we do to grow our reputation in the industry? What else can we do to continually improve our products?

Those questions began in 2001, when PESCO turned to New Mexico MEP for help. Since then, NMMEP has worked hand in hand with the management team at PESCO to continually improve by implementing lean methods and techniques throughout all areas of its business. The manufacturer has worked diligently to stabilize its operations by applying workplace organization tools (5S) and mapping how value is created throughout the entire operation (Value Stream Mapping). The partnership has helped PESCO articulate a clear value-based strategy to ensure that all employees are aligned with the values and objectives of PESCO leadership.

New Mexico MEP has also helped PESCO with the design of their world-class products through the application of design for manufacturing methodologies. As PESCO introduced new products and services, New Mexico MEP assisted PESCO with design systems such as work cells, pull inventory replenishment systems, visual management of inventories, and standardized work to manufacture or deliver them.

“Wow! Without New Mexico MEP, PESCO wouldn’t be where it is today. New Mexico MEP has helped us reduce costs and grow business over the years. We know we have a long way to go and this journey never really ends. We are thankful that New Mexico MEP has been there with us along the way.”
– Kyle Rhodes, President