Increasing New Mexico manufacturers’ competitiveness

As we work to help New Mexico manufacturers become more competitive, we also measure the resulting impacts of our work. Here is a sampling of those impacts to illustrate how a small portion of the companies we have partnered with have become more competitive.

Continental Machining Co, Inc. – Albuquerque, NM

New Mexico MEP supported Continental Machining’s efforts to implement a quality system and meet certain standards. In doing so, Continental Machining has been able to compete for, and win, new contracts.

Old Wood – Las Vegas, NM

New Mexico MEP assisted Old Wood with the development and implementation of a new product line that increased revenue, including the company’s international export efforts.

PESCO – Farmington, NM

New Mexico MEP has supported PESCO throughout their transformation to create foundationally stable processes that grow capacity. With newfound capacity, they’ve been able to secure new customers, diving new revenue sources.

OptiSource, LLC – Albuquerque, NM

New Mexico MEP helped OptiSource analyze and address quality issues, which in turn increased throughput.

VAMCO International – Bernalillo, NM

New Mexico MEP helped VAMCO address obstacles that had been impeding the company’s growth trajectory.

Private Label Select – Taos, NM

New Mexico MEP worked with Private Label Select to create new capacity and assisted with efforts to implement high-quality systems to meet high customer demand.

Sisneros Bros Mfg. – Belen, NM

New Mexico MEP helped develop workflow systems that stabilized the company and set them up for strategic growth.