New Mexico MEP Fiscal Year 2019 Economic Impacts

New Mexico MEP is part of a national network of:

  • 375 field locations
  • Over 1,400 MEP experts
  • More than 2,100 partners


Navajo Spirit Southwestern Wear is building on deep roots
An exercise in Value Stream Mapping generated ideas for new products made from the remnants of other garments. With MEP’s help, the company is also integrating technology and automation into processes that have served the company for almost four decades. “With the valuable assistance of MEP staff, we have been led to our future with new life, prepared for growth,” said general manager Carl Ballenger > Read the story.

Midtown Metal’s MEP-guided roadmap to greater capacity
Midtown Metal of Albuquerque had made a name for themselves in the roofing industry, but much more was at their fingertips. The metal fabricators had the capacity to expand their product line to all aspects of the building envelope. And for help developing the objectives and strategies that would shuttle them through comprehensive changes, they partnered with New Mexico MEP. > Read story

A bundle of transformation tools that can save a bundle of money
In the center of a company’s Lean transformation — surrounded by the busywork of standardizing processes and eliminating inefficiencies — lies “the Why.” Bringing all employees into an understanding of Lean Manufacturing philosophy and the larger view of all operations allows for staff-wide participation and innovation. New Mexico MEP’s partnership with Certified Packing & Crating enlisted the power of belief-system messaging to create profitability. > Read the story

Lean Laser Focus: OptiSource
“The system will talk to you and tell you what to do, if you just listen,” says OptiSource’s Cindy Romero. The Albuquerque company has made many capacity-building improvements in recent years with the guidance of New Mexico MEP. Understanding processes and identifying areas of improvement have been key. > Read the story

The MEP national network *

Reduces the Deficit

  • For every one dollar of federal investment, MEP generated $33.80 in new sales growth and $32.20 in new client investment (FY 2019).
  • This translates into $4.7 billion in new sales annually.
  • For every $1,221 of federal investment, MEP creates or retains one manufacturing job.

MEP grows our economy by helping small manufacturers succeed

The manufacturing industry *

Creates & Retains Well Paying Jobs

  • 12.84 million U.S. manufacturing workers (8.5 percent of the workforce)
  • $87,185 average annual earnings per worker

Makes America More Competitive

  • MEP helps companies streamline R&D, which now makes up more than 5 percent of total manufacturing expenses

Three-quarters of all manufacturers have fewer than 20 employees.

* Per most recent data at