Valkyrie Machining

We’re CNC machining experts. Valkyrie Machining is your one-stop machine shop for most things CNC (Computer numerical control). From prototyping to high-volume manufacturing of complex parts, our advanced manufacturing facility and highly skilled team gives us a competitive advantage to meet the most demanding orders.

We understand what’s most important to our clients: providing cost-effective solutions with minimal lead times – meaning you get to focus on your project.

Valkyrie Machining was started by two brothers who set out to transform what was once a potentially frustrating process into an enjoyable one. After numerous years hearing complaints from companies about slow leads times and poor quality, we decided to solve the problems by taking things in to our own hands.

Contact Information

4425 Prospect Ave NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110

Contact name: Robert Tillung

Phone: 619-201-0353