Lana Dura LLC

Lana Dura LLC makes Navajo-Churro wool felt floor rugs, wall art, bath/door/pet mats and smaller home accessories like pot holders.  We can schedule wet-felting workshops.  We do all production in Taos and donate product and time to our community.

Navajo-Churro sheep are the oldest sheep breed in this hemisphere having come with the Spanish in the 1500s. The sheep are strong, instinctual mothers and able to survive in the rugged terrain of the high desert. They have wonderful fleece ranging in color from black through whites including all hues of browns. Although traditionally a weaving wool, Navajo-Churro wool knits and felts very nicely yielding rugs and garments as durable and beautiful as the sheep themselves.

Contact Information

Contact name: Minna White

Phone: (575) 751-8535