Glass Rite

Glass-Rite has been in business in Albuquerque since 1984. We specialize in the manufacture and installation of custom aluminum windows and custom vinyl replacement windows. Glass-Rite is also a distributor of JeldWen Windows and Doors’ vinyl and premium clad wood windows and doors. Because Glass-Rite is a New Mexico company, we tailor our products to New Mexico climate and conditions. New Mexico is an area that gets both very HOT, and very COLD! We also know that with New Mexico winds, it’s as important to have a tight seal on your replacement window as it is to have a well insulating window. We have designed our replacement windows to take these unique climate factors into account, that way you can have a quality window that is suited to OUR climate – not the Minnesota, Michigan, or Texas climate!

Contact Information

Contact name: Bill Hoberg

Phone: (505) 228 1705