Santa Teresa

Northwire Technical Cable/$144,000 cost savings identified, three additional daily hours of production for $4.5 in future sales, $10,000 per year in reduced energy consumption.
Northwire completed an E3 site assessment with a team of technical staff from New Mexico MEP, TMAC and New Mexico State University Institute for Energy and Environment Resources Center.  E3 addresses Economy, Energy and the Environment by conducting technical assessments and offering practical, sustainable approaches that manufacturers can incorporate into their operations.  The E3 assessment began with class room training to a cross-functional team including quality, maintenance, managers and production staff from Northwire.  Next, the team identified various wastes as they mapped and followed the product flow throughout the facility.  This allowed the team to identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption, minimize carbon footprints, prevent pollution, increase productivity, and drive innovation throughout the facility.