Workforce insights

When you want to know something, what do you do? You Google it, of course!

But if you want to understand how the MEP National Network is approaching workforce development across the 50 States and Puerto Rico, what do you do? Well, you may not be able to just Google it yet – but we’re getting there.

The MEP Workforce Database is an interactive tool MEP Centers can use to gain insight into the latest trends in manufacturing workforce development.

So, what is found in the MEP Workforce Database? Here are just four highlights:

  1. Who do MEP Centers tend to partner with around workforce? Not surprisingly, the most popular partner for MEP Centers are community colleges, followed by workforce development boards and other regional or statewide economic development organizations. Some MEP Centers might be interested in reaching out to local nonprofits, private training partners, and national organizations or associations as new potential partners in these programs.
  2. What are the most popular workforce consulting services? Of the 22 different workforce consulting services measured, MEP Centers are most focused on incumbent worker trainings – lean, ISO, quality, Training Within Industry (TWI) and more – with company leadership, supervision and customized trainings all very close behind. MEP Centers that want to strengthen their current offerings, or grow into new areas, can look for best practices from those Centers working with non-traditional populations like veterans, youth, people with special needs, and women.
  3. What methods of training are being used, and how has the pandemic affected these methods? The data captures how MEP Centers have pivoted in response to the pandemic, from in-person classes to virtual trainings. In addition, users can dive deep into which Centers are leveraging new technologies and methodologies like learning management systems (LMS), game-based simulations, and a wide variety of virtual classes.
  4. Which areas are most interesting to MEP Centers in terms of growth? The America Works team is eager to know – and then provide – the most relevant content to Center Directors and workforce professionals nationally. The database gives a fascinating snapshot of where Centers want to grow in 2021 and beyond, especially as it relates to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Take, for example, manufacturing training for re-entering citizens: 14 respondents want to learn more via a webinar, five aren’t interested in the topic, three want to attend a working group to dive deep into the issue, and six would like to scale and replicate successful programs into their communities.

NM MEP specifically witnessed the importance of partnerships as well as online offerings and telephone consultations with clients during the pandemic. However, in-person visits are back. Call us.