Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Fundamentals workshop

Society of Manufacturing Engineers Chapter 93 present

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Fundamentals  workshop

A Fundamentals/Refresher Course based on the ASME Y14.5 Dimensioning and Tolerancing Standard

October 13-14, 2011

Presented by Tony Cimabue of  Tech-Knowledgy for Design and Manufacturing LLC

This workshop is designed for engineers, designers, drafters, machinists, inspectors, manufacturing, quality engineers, students or any others interested in a greater understanding of engineering drawings with GD&T specifications.

This lively and informative workshop will cover the Fundamentals of GD&T based on the newly released ASME Y14.5 -2009 standard. The new standard simply clarifies and enhances many topics already in the existing ASME Y14.5M-1994 presently used in many companies today.

With a basic understanding of print reading, the attendees will be introduced to rules and terminology of GD&T as well as the symbols and their applications in this unique engineering language. They will be able to apply these concepts to their projects immediately after the first day of instruction. There are many examples and workshop exercises to test the participant’s skills.

To achieve the objectives listed above, this workshop provides many exercises and applications problems which ties the “textbook theory” to  real world applications.

Students may also bring drawings that can be used for classroom discussions as time permits. Please bring a pencil and calculator.

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$575/person for this 2 day workshop

Are you an SME member or full time student?  Call us!

Most public GD&T seminars fees range from $695 to $1295 for a 2 day workshop

The Instructor:  Anthony (Tony) Cimabue has over 38 years experience as a Senior Tool and Mechanical Designer which includes 16 years as a design/drawing checker, GD&T specialist and trainer. Tony graduated with a BS in Industrial Technology – Mechanical Design from Colorado State University–Pueblo and a AAS in Tool Design and Machining Technology from Pennsylvania College of Technology.

He developed his skills and expertise while employed at: Dana Corp, Gates Rubber Company,  IBM, TRW Space Systems and at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Tony was a part-time faculty member at the University of New Mexico at Los Alamos and Northern New Mexico College providing instruction in Mechanical Drafting, Print Reading, GD&T, and Measurement and Inspection Practices for the Machinist Apprenticeship Program sponsored by the Los Alamos National Lab.

Tony is founder of Tech-Knowledgy for Design and Manufacturing LLC which provides training and consulting in  print reading  and engineering drawing standards, GD&T, and  also provides drawing checking  services for his clients. He is also a senior trainer for Technical Consultants Inc., a world premier GD&T training and consulting firm. Tony is an ASME Senior Level GD&T Professional and regularly attends the ASME Y14.5 (Dimensioning and Tolerancing) Committee meetings. He was also a past member of the ASME Y14.5.2 Certification Committee.

Companies that have benefited from Tony’s workshops;  Los Alamos National Lab, W.L. Gore,  KS Imaging,, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Mechtronics Solutions Inc., Tinker Air Force Base,  Alphatec Spine, and Denso Automotive to name a few.

Learning Objectives/Course Outline:

•Why GD&T
•Symbols and Terms
•Limits of Size
•Recognize the differences between plus/minus dimensioning and Position Tolerance
•Read the features control frames
•Concepts of Regardless of Feature Size and Maximum Material Condition
•Calculating Bonus Tolerances
•Virtual Condition – Mating parts – simple calculations
•The Datum Reference Frame
•Form tolerances
•Orientation Tolerances
•Position Tolerances
•Profile Tolerances

Fastener Formulas and Screw Threads