Success Stories

Services Provided by New Mexico MEP

New Mexico MEP is uniquely positioned to provide a wide variety of services to manufacturers and small businesses throughout the State of New Mexico. Among these services are market assessments, business strategy creation development, strategic planning and Lean transformation.

The Center relies on staff to deliver these services. For its Lean manufacturing services, New Mexico MEP has committed to utilizing the Lean training tools MEP University has to offer.

MEPU provides training in Program areas to support the principal services provided by the MEP system. The Program areas are designed to maximize impacts on America’s small manufacturing establishments by helping them to create and retain manufacturing jobs, increase revenues, innovate, decrease costs, expand into new markets, and become the most competitive manufacturing establishments anywhere in the world. The MEP mission is to increase the competitiveness of U.S. manufacturers.

The Center feels strongly about utilizing and providing to its clients a toolbox of services that is consistent and recommended by NIST MEP.