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    Application for Enrollment

    ExporTech is an export acceleration program organized by New Mexico MEP for executives of manufacturing and technology firms. The next ExporTech session is scheduled to begin on September 17, 2015.

    This application will be used to select a group of program participants. Selection will be made on the basis of a) fit with the program objectives, which is aimed at helping companies become more proactive and aggressive in pursuing international growth; and b) the company’s commitment of management time to the program. In addition, direct competitors will no be invited to participate in the same round. This program is designed for CEOs and VPs that have overall responsibility to lead international growth.

    General company information:
    Physical Address
    Participant information (we recommend that (3) principals from your organization attend all (3) sessions):
    1st participant name and title/position
    Email address
    2nd participant name and title/position
    Email address
    3rd participant name and title/position
    Email address
    Detailed company information (this information will be kept confidential)
    Describe your product/service
    Describe your current market(s) and customer(s)
    Number of employees
    Current annual sales
    Years of export experience
    Current international sales
    Percentage of Total Sales from international
    Sales goal for next year
    International sales goal for next year
    Which countries do you currently sell to?
    Have you had inquiries from countries where you don’t currently sell?
    Do you have a country or region of interest for growth or expansion?