Mfg Day 2020 Goes Virtual!

Manufacturing Day aims to enhance public knowledge about manufacturing’s value to our economy. This year’s events, most of which are virtual, will allow you to reach people throughout the state, and even worldwide. We invite you to help dispel myths about manufacturing and tell your unique story to:

  • Young people, who may not have considered manufacturing as a lucrative and rewarding career. We will make your spotlight page available to teachers, students, and youth groups.
  • Students currently studying manufacturing processes such as welding, CAD, and robotics. Your spotlight page can serve as a recruitment tool, particularly when we share it with schools focused on the skills required in your processes.
  • Customers, who may be unfamiliar with reasons to buy your product. Use your spotlight page as a marketing tool and email the URL to customers and prospects.
  • Vendors, who may be able to suggest time-saving materials or beneficial products. When you include vendors in your marketing efforts, you enable them to make suggestions that can improve efficiency.
  • Community leaders and elected officials whose lack of in-depth manufacturing knowledge may predispose them to policies with unintended consequences.

How to Participate

Participation is as easy as creating a short video using a smartphone and sending it to us, along with information that we can use to create your spotlight page. Keep in mind that no one is expecting perfection from your video, and bloopers may even add interest. Inform and have fun!

MAKER-SPACES, BUSINESS INCUBATORS, AND OTHER SERVICE PROVIDERS ARE INVITED TO PARTICIPATE. If your organization is a nonprofit that serves businesses, see the STRATEGIC PARTNER section below for details that pertain specifically to you.

Step 1: Determine if your video will be instructional or promotional

  • Instructional Video – intended to be shared with students. Some ideas:

–Use your 2-minutes to answer a question such as A.) How does your company ensure consistency in your product?  B.) Which process is the most important to your production?
–Invite a student (family member of company owners or staff) to make the video. Young people provide unique and compelling perspectives from which they and other students can learn. If a youth is invited to your facility, be sure to adhere to COVID-19-safe practices by using masks, disinfectant, social distancing, and other guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


  • Promotional Video – intended to be shared with current and potential customers, vendors, employees, industry associations, and elected officials. Some ideas:

–Let your video answer a question such as A.) What makes your manufacturing process unique?  B.) What would an elected official (or vendor/customer, etc.) be surprised about when touring your facility? For example, do you recycle or use sustainable practices?
–Film staff members answering a question such as What do you like most about working for the company? You can film multiple people if the segments are no longer than 10-15 seconds. Stop and start your video with each person; we can help you delete or splice sections you don’t want to include.

Step 2: Plan what will be depicted in your video

–Demonstrations of moving parts such as running machinery create interest.
–Short segments of people speaking alleviate boredom.
–Do a trial run using these video tips.

Step 3: Complete this form, which will give us additional information about your company that we will include on your spotlight page. Form submission alerts us that you plan to participate. And when you contribute written background via the form, your video can omit company history and other details because those will already be included on your spotlight page. Let your video focus on one thing: demonstrating what you do best!

Step 4: Create your video and send it to us at If the file is large or you have trouble sending it, let us know by email and we will set up an alternative transmission method such as sharing on Dropbox, Drive, or another sharing platform.

Step 5: Email your company logo to us, preferably as a jpeg or png file.

Video Screening and Promotion

Participating manufacturers will be assigned a date in October when their video will premiere. Videos will continue to be viewable after each premiere date. Video premiere dates will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis — the sooner you send your video, the more time people will have to view it! Videos will also be accessible on YouTube and social media after their premiere.

Participants can maximize their marketing results by sending viewing invitations to their current and potential customers, vendors, and elected officials. We can provide you with an email template for sharing the spotlight page containing your video.

Strategic Partner Participation

Government and nonprofit business incubators and service providers are invited to participate by creating a video, however, the guidelines are slightly different:

–Videos must be one-minute or shorter.
–Organizations may submit one video about their facility or up to 4 videos about individual clients.
–Videos submitted by Friday, Oct. 2, will be included in NM MEP promotional activities, but videos can be submitted until the end of October.

Quick-reference Information

  • Form submission deadline: As soon as possible and prior to submitting your video
  • Video submission: As soon as possible and prior to Oct. 31, the last day of the Manufacturing Day celebration.
  • Email address for additional information and submissions:

Let’s make 2020 the best Manufacturing Day yet!

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