Additional Business Support

HR is no longer simply processing payroll and employee benefits.

PAYDAY FOR BUSINESS offers basic Human Resources, employee engagement & communication and organization development.

If your training records were audited today, what will that mean to you?

ALCHEMY BUSINESS SYSTEMS offers comprehensive training, testing and record keeping within your computer system. All records are backed up and can be exported easily! Some training is offered in various languages.

Saving money at every opportunity is key in business.

EXPENSE REDUCTION ANALYSTS (ERA) are experts in cost management. They will work with your vendors to reduce your non-core (overhead) costs.

A free service that saves you money!

FRIENDS OF MEP receive a minimum of 70% discount on UPS Freight LTL services. Some see average savings of $500/shipment* off net shipping charges.

Does your current back up system keep you up at night?

SOURCECORP offers information management solutions. Electronic imaging of paper documents, electronic file conversions, document indexing, image hosting.

* Savings based off 2010 member shippers over a 12-month rolling average.