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Taos Mountain Energy Foods

Taos Mountain Energy Foods


Company Description

As ski bums we needed something that was quick, cheap, healthy and sustaining. As humans with feelings and taste buds we craved something that was enjoyable to eat. There were many choices when it came to bars but none lived up to its fancy packaging or the hyped up story on the back. Simply put, we wanted something healthy, but also something that delivered in the taste department. Many of the bars we tried were way too chalky and dry, some were full of fillers, preservatives or isolates and others were just insultingly bad for no reason.

We looked around and saw that everyone in the industry was doing the same thing over and over again. Same tired flavors. Same bad textures. Same poor ingredients. We thought we could do better. We thought people like us, people enjoying the outdoors, people in need of a quick, healthy snack, deserved better. There’s a legend in Taos that goes something like this, “If Taos Mountain calls you there to make art, you have little choice but to surrender.” Well, we heard it calling. So in the Spring of 2010 we holed up in the kitchen, surrendered and set out to craft the first line of artisan energy bars using premium, organic ingredients.


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Kyle Hawari
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Taos Mountain Energy Foods