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Mt. Taylor Manufacturing

Mt. Taylor Manufacturing


Company Description

Mt. Taylor Machine, LLC does business as Mt. Taylor Manufacturing. Our company is possibly the MOST GREEN in New Mexico. Why?

Our main division performs selective forest restoration. This process removes overgrown, drought ridden timber from the Cibola National Forest. The harvested material is made into boards and beams. The residue is made into compost, garden mulch, animal bedding and alternative energy in the form of wood pellets.

Our secondary division is located in the South Valley of Albuquerque. Here we recycle clean wood waste. Approximately ten to twelve million pounds of clean wood is also converted into wood pellets rather than being needlessly land filled.

Last, we operate an industrial machine shop which specializes in supporting water well and other drilling industries. We can also do specialized machining and specialized fabrication work.

Our company helps save New Mexico forests from catastrophic wildfires. We save land fill space by converting wood others throw away into alternate energy valuable garden products. Green. As green as it gets.


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