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admin July 31, 2013

Edge Factor tells stories of extraordinary people. Impact is a collection of insights from the leaders we met along the way.

Have you ever thought about what you can do in your company, in your town, in your school? Consider how YOU might participate in Manufacturing Day this year. Go to mfgday.com to see how you can impact your community.

Kay-Jay Products, Inc. is on a mission to “trigger” changes in the way CMM inspections are peformed. “Today’s CMM inspections no longer require the use of expensive, precise clamps, plates and complex fixtures,” according to Kay-Jay co-owner, Catherine Phillips. “Use of glue and tape should also be a thing of the past.”

This family-owned, tooling and injection molding manufacturer in Macomb County Michigan is the latest manufacturer featured in the Heroes of American Manufacturing video series. What started as one toolmaker in his garage, has grown into a 45 person company with a 70,000 square foot facility making prototype and low-volume production products for clients in medical, consumer packaging, automotive, and safety markets throughout the world. Learn more about how they successfully handled the recession and innovated into new markets with the help of their local MEP—the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center. NIST’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership program (MEP) works with U.S. manufacturers to develop new products, identify new customers and reduce costs.

“If you think it’s the old Ford assembly line, you haven’t been staying in touch with manufacturing. Manufacturing has a home for almost everyone …” Listen to the case that this manufacturing leader makes for innovation and manufacturing careers. Based on the Heroes of American Manufacturing video featuring Omega Plastics—a family-owned, tooling and injection molding manufacturer in Michigan and how they successfully handled the recession and innovated into new markets with the help of their local MEP.

Karen Converse of New Mexico MEP talks about how the organization helps small and medium-sized businesses across the state reduce costs and increase revenue.

The forms needed to complete the process have just been released and you cannot become eligible for the reduction without submitting the attached forms. Sadly, it doesn’t look like any tax relief will be retroactive.

PNM’s email referenced: “taxes paid before PNM receives the authorized NTTC will be lost forever.” So, getting this into PNM and then on to Tax and Revenue quickly is your best option.

Below are parts of emails from correspondence between a New Mexico MEP Board member with PNM to outline the GRT change. This is all the info we currently have but your PNM rep and/or CPA should be able to answer any questions.

The legislature passed legislation last January to gradually remove the GRT charged on electricity, gas and water used up in the manufacturing process. There is a 20% reduction starting January 1, 2013, 40% in 2014 and so on until it is completely removed.

The importance of applying early is any tax paid to PNM before we get a NTTC (non taxable certificate) will be lost forever. There will not be much if any publicity about this reduction.

The NM Tax and Revenue Department has provided the attached final forms for the utilities-related manufacturing consumables deduction from Gross Receipts Tax.
A link to these forms and additional information will be posted at:

What follows is a brief summary of the process.

After filling out the forms, you can initially mail them to:

PNM Tax Dept Manufacturers Deduction
Corporate Headquarters
Albuquerque, NM 87158-1025

  • PNM will confirm the account information and send the forms back. Then, the forms should be mailed to NMTRD (details can be found at the website above).
  • NMTRD would be the one to decide if they will issue you a Type 12 NTTC. You can mail the NTTC back to PNM at the address listed above.
  • You will then be responsible to pay the NMTRD the appropriate taxes after PNM stops the tax collection.

Click here to see additional details at the website listed above.

Ron Burke of New Mexico MEP and Micah Halpert of Private Label Select talk about training available for businesses to receive ISO 9001 certification.

New Mexico MEP will host three informative breakfast seminars focused on helping manufacturers and small businesses learn how to grow and expand their business, increase revenue and sales, and prepare their business for the future.

Be a part of a 20-minute presentation by New Mexico MEP and wrap up with a question and answer session.

Hosted at New Mexico MEP headquarters, 4501 Indian School Road Northeast, Suite 202, seating is limited and RSVPs are requested.

Details on each event are as follows:

Wednesday, September 5 – Innovation and Business Growth for the Manufacturing Industry, with speaker Matt Moser, Innovation Director with New Mexico MEP

Matt Moser speaks on the Innovation Engineering Management System, a tool to increase innovation speed and growth while decreasing risk.

Wednesday, October 3 – Growing Your Business through Exporting – Karen Converse, Innovation Director with New Mexico MEP

Recently highlighted in the New Mexico Business Weekly, Karen Converse speaks on ways to maximize your potential to export products to global markets.

Wednesday, November 7 – Legacy Planning for the Manufacturing Industry – speaker, Danny Armijo, Innovation Director with New Mexico MEP

Danny Armijo talks about businesses that have survived generations and gives an overview of how proper planning can help businesses thrive year after year.

Small manufacturers need MEP

The Importance of MEP



claudia January 18, 2012

An Export Acceleration System for Achieving Profitable Growth

  • Do you believe your product has international sales potential, but don’t know how to get started?
  • Have you received international inquiries, but haven’t fully capitalized on them to generate significant sales growth?
  • Would you like to shift from a reactive to a proactive approach to expanding international sales?

Contact us for details and to apply. Apply early, space is limited.

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claudia November 22, 2011

ISO 9001:2008 Preparation for Certification

The current session is scheduled through December 2015. Please contact us for information on future sessions.

The New Mexico Economic Development Department, in collaboration with the New Mexico Manufacturing Extension Partnership, is offering New Mexico 9000 training classes to prepare New Mexico businesses for ISO 9001 Certification.

New Mexico 9000 was created by the Economic Development Department to provide training and assistance to New Mexico businesses in preparing for ISO 90001:2008. Training will be broken into six half-day sessions over a 3-6 month period.

“This is a great opportunity for New Mexico businesses to access new customers, become more efficient and lower their operating costs,” said Jon Barela, New Mexico Economic Development Cabinet Secretary.

The New Mexico 9000 training program has been completed by 155 companies, creating over 1,000 new expansion jobs.

Trained professionals will conduct ISO 9001:2008 classes in:

  • Internal Auditing
  • Writing Standard Operating Procedures
  • Writing Work Instructions
  • Understanding the Standard


ISO is a general Quality Management System. Companies like INTEL, Boeing and many other companies are requiring that their first tier suppliers be ISO 9001 certified. In turn, those suppliers are requiring that their suppliers are ISO 9000 certified. In addition, government agencies, such as the Department of Defense, NASA and NNSA are also requiring ISO certification of their providers.

ISO 9000 standards have been adopted by 178 countries. There are now more than 1 million companies worldwide that have registered to the ISO standards. Costs associated with obtaining, maintaining, and renewing ISO registration are tax deductible.

The cost of the New Mexico 9000 training classes is based on annual company sales revenue, ranging from $550 to $3,300 for the training.


New Mexico MEP Partnership for Success

New Mexico MEP Partnership for Success is a no-cost technical assistance service that provides technical, business, research and information assistance quickly and easily.

The service includes an email newsletter and an on-line library of information with a database of technical business and engineering documents and resources. Click here to sign up.